The St. Charles County Veterans Museum

Hours: Thurday and Friday 10 am until 6pm and Saturday 10 am until 4pm.


Ralph Barrale wanted to see a Veterans Museum that would honor all of those Veterans who served our country, and especially those from St. Charles County. This was but another example of Ralph Barrale’s dedication to our servicemen and women and his desire to keep their memories in the forefront of the generations of today so that our Veterans will not be forgotten. Plans are for the St.Charles County Veterans  Museum to open at 410 East Elm Street in O’Fallon, Missouri in the spring of 2019. There you will find “Ralph’s Story” among others like his, who served our country, because Ralph felt


and where our mission is

Inspiring, informing, and engaging the residents of St. Charles County to honor the memories of St. Charles County Veterans who served the United States of America with patriotic valor.

Every Veteran has a Storydogtag2

You may email us at

or call/text 636-400-7698




Need to mail something? Its P.O Box 1627, O’Fallon, MO 63366.




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