What do I do?

It goes without question that virtually every home in St. Charles County has some type of Armed Forces memorabilia that was brought home by a family member. There are families who proudly display some of these items in their homes. However, we have learned from experience that most families who have memorabilia from a grandfather, a father, an aunt or uncle, a brother or sister, or their own personal remnants of their service, that these items are stored away in a basement or storage unit with the concern, “what do I do with these items? – I can’t throw them away and I wish that I could do something with them.

This dilemma is exactly why the St. Charles County Veterans Museum was established…to Museum Don Elliotgather and proudly display the memorabilia of St. Charles County veterans in a museum close to their homes and to offer the opportunity for family, friends, students and all residents to see these items and learn the stories of the men and women who brought them home from their service to our country.

We are already achieving success in gathering memorabilia, as families are honored that that their loved ones will be remembered for their heroism and duty to country while in the United States Armed Forces…Here are a few examples of what we are receiving…and there are many more coming in to us.




Museum Artwork from the broadcast

St. Charles County Veterans Museum is set to open in the Spring of 2019

Museum Annex 2



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