The Museum Needs You

Our St.Charles County Veterans Museum Committee is working extremely hard to put together a wonderful museum with the memorabilia and the stories of the veterans of St. Charles County.

Our museum will be unique in that it totally focuses on the veterans and the families of St. Charles County…..Our museum needs your help in many ways…through your donations of memorabilia and stories of the men and women that it represents…Through financial donations both large and small to help with the major costs of opening and maintaining a museum…Also, we are looking to gather a large group of interested volunteers who can help the museum in many ways….If you wish to help or learn more about what you can do to help, please e-mail us at or you may text us at 636-221-1524 with the word Museum or visit us on our facebook page at the StCharlesCountyVeteransMuseum or contact us through this page below.

A member of the St. Charles County Veterans Museum Committee will get back to YOU!

We invite you to watch the O’Fallon Missouri’s video of May 25, 2018 by Joe Meier and learn more about us!

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