We Need Your Story

Every Veteran has a story. The brave men and women who have pledged their life and their service to our country has a story that needs to be heard. Their service given to 31598628_10215165845293596_5618480795615232000_nprotect our Nation’s freedoms. Places like Afghanistan, Germany, France, Korea, and Vietnam. When we hear Battle of the Bulge, we think of World War II and this story evokes an image in our mind that make us pause, reflect and honor. We immediately want to sit, to listen, to learn. Young and old, these are stories that bridge all the generation gaps, because they are true. The St. Charles County Veterans Museum knows that every item donated to the museum has a story. Maybe you don’t have any items, but have some stories to share!  If it shares that Veteran’s experience, their life, and perhaps even their sacrifice we want to hear from you.

The St. Charles County Veterans Museum is working with the St. Charles City-County Library to record Veterans’ stories for future generations. These are priceless life experiences that will only grow more profound as the years pass.We are collecting more than items. We are collecting stories by recording them for the museum and future generations. No matter when or where a Veteran served, their story is important to us. These experiences have preserved our freedoms and shaped our country, and we hope that our St. Charles County Veterans will be willing to share them with us. If you have an uncle or an aunt, a grandfather or a neighbor that has served and is willing to share please contact us. If you are a veteran, we need you.   Please contact the St. Charles County Veterans Museum Oral History project at info@stcharlescountyveteransmuseum.com or text Oral History or call 636-400-7698 for more information and lets’ talk. We want to hear from you because we know…Every Veteran has a story.

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