Meet Elaine Ooley

Meet Elaine Ooley. Elaine has just taken part in our new Oral History: Collecting the Stories program where she shared a bit of her “history” with us. You see Elaine is a Veteran. She is 104 years old, and is the oldest living member of the Women’s Army Corps [WAC],  and she lives right here in St. Charles County. We caught up with Elaine for a few minutes this week and she shared her story. “Elaine joined the WAC in November of 1942, as a stenographer,

Womens Army Corp (WAC) Veteran Elaine Ooley.

then went on to serve as a personnel administrator specialist and aircraft dispatcher at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She served until the end of the war.” That was World War II, for those too young to remember.

Every St. Charles County Veteran has a story! Whether you were war time or peace time, man or woman, stateside or foreign you made the same pledge. You put your life on the line to keep America safe! We have someone who would like to take a few minutes of your time, and sit down and record your story. No big cameras, no studio, just you, sharing your story or your family members’ story.

We’re not going to share Elaine’s story here… we are going to invite you to the St. Charles County Veterans Museum at 410 East Elm Street, where you will be able to listen to Elaine and hear what it was like dispatching those planes during World War II. Its quite a story. We will be opening in April of 2019 and sharing stories like Elaine’s and many many more. Oh, and by the way, Ralph Barrale? Elaine would like to meet you. She has a few items to donate and wants to help out with our museum!

Interested in talking to someone about getting involved or sharing a story? Please let us know! you can call or text 636-221-1524 or use the box below to contact us. Thanks!



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