Meet Charles Halter

Meet Charles Halter, a Veteran of World War II, and lifelong resident of St. Paul and St. Charles County. We sat down with him the other day and had a chance to hear his story. He graduated from Francis Howell High School when he was 17, just a few weeks before his eighteenth birthday. As soon as he turned 18 he registered and was off to join the Army.  The war was on! and he was shipped off to Camp Fannon. It was discovered that this farm boy’s real talent was a sharp eye as he could shoot a snake right between the eyes. Charles is humble and said “those guys from the northwest, the real “hunters” were even better.” Charles’ eye was good enough though that he became one of the Army’s important Sharp Shooters, and he shared his treasured “pin” that only they were allowed to wear.

One of the most touching memories that he shared though, was not of a battle, even  though he saw plenty of that at the Battle of the Bulge. It was the day that he “shipped out” and watched the Statue of Liberty in the distance, growing smaller and smaller. He recalled  thinking that day, “how he may never see that wonderful statue, beckoning and welcoming all, ever again.”

Every St. Charles County Veteran has a story! Whether you were war time or peace time, man or woman, stateside or foreign you made the same pledge. You put your life on the line to keep America safe! We have someone who would like to take a few minutes of your time, and sit down and record your story. No big cameras, no studio, just you, sharing your story or your family members’ story. We’re not going to share Charles’ story here… we are going to invite you to the St. Charles County Veterans Museum at 410 East Elm Street, where you will be able to listen to Charles and hear his story. Please contact the St. Charles County Veterans Museum if you too, would like to be part of this project.


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