We need your help

Inspiring, informing, and engaging the residents of St. Charles County to honor the memories of Veterans who served the United States of America with patriotic valor.

World War II Veteran Ralph Barrale had a vision. He saw a museum that honored the Veterans who served from St. Charles County. Those that had served in peace time and war time. Those that served abroad or at home. Not just some, but all St. Charles County Veterans. FOR EVERYONE! To inspire the grandchildren, inform everyone of their service to their country, and to engage everyone by telling their stories. Whether it be World War II or Vietnam, Civil War or Afghanistan, it doesn’t matter. Because every Veteran has a story. One in which we can all be proud.

Others saw that vision and joined in Ralph Barrale’s mission. Since that beginning we have found a great home thanks to the City of O’Fallon, collected donations and storiescounty tag and made plans. Through meeting after meeting, our volunteers have spent long hours on fundraisers, on inventorying, and making plans. Moving forward! Everything from the front door sign to the furthest museum gallery, from the memorials to the reflective gardens has been thought through. This team has worked hard!

Now we are asking for your help. If you are looking for some ways to support the museum, here are some items that we are looking for… 

  • Gently used 8-10 round Banquet Tables
  • 10-12 Rectangular Tables
  • Folding chairs
  • AV Cart
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Picnic Table
  • Gas grill
  • File Cabinets- 2 drawer 
  • File Cabinet – 4 drawer fireproof

We appreciate everyone’s support and donations! We ALWAYS want to hear from  YOU! You can call 636-221-1524 or feel free to use the box below that sends an email to us rapidly and we will get in touch! Or you can contact us through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SCCVETERANSMUSEUM/


Museum annex 1
St. Charles County Veterans Museum, 410 East Elm Street, O’Fallon, MO Opening in the spring of 2019




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