Young Volunteers

The St. Charles County Veterans Museum is looking for the help of some young people who would like to volunteer and get involved! If you are a teacher, a Scout Troop,  a Church Leader, youth group leader, home school, or just know some young people of any age who would like to get involved, we would like to hear from you!

What began as one Veteran’s dream, became reality in April of 2018 with the lease of the City of O’Fallon’s former Annex Building at 410 East Elm. With plans to open in April of 2019 there is a lot yet to be done! We are looking for some young people in St. Charles County to feel that they have a part in honoring our Veterans too, and have a lot of ways for them to “get involved” in creating our museum. Perhaps you have a student who has a love for history and wants to help research and create exhibits?  Perhaps you have a Scout looking for an Eagle Project or a church group that is looking for a meaningful Service Project? We will also be enlisting Junior Guides to help Veterans feel at home in the Museum, help collect Oral Histories, and help lead classmates on School Tours! Want to get involved? Young or old, big or small, here is a suggestion list for everyone!  Thanks!  See the idea list below!


Here is a list of ideas and things we are looking for help with:

  1. Way station for Monarch Butterflies
  2. Bluebird Houses or bird specific houses
  3. Hummingbird feeders
  4. Mulch pathway along tree line, identifying trees signs
  5. Dry creek bed. Spreading weed barrier, rock
  6. War of 1812 memorial
  7. Battle of Wentzville Memorial
  8. Prayer garden with bench
  9. Fire pit / Flag Retirement ring
  10. Outdoor learning center using tree stumps, mulched area
  11. Retired flag donation boxes
  12. First responder’s memorial
  13. Kiosk for discussion of native Missouri plant program
  14. Flag pole rework
  15. Rebuild parking lot entrance with retaining wall and native shrubs
  16. Build covered pavilion for outdoor events
  17. Water collection and distribution system for flower beds
  18. Wind generation / solar collection
  19. Water fountain / feature memorial
  20. Rain Gardens
  21. Outdoor learning center for autistic children
  22. Outdoor teaching Center
  23. Reseeding and planting new grass
  24. Ramp system for handicap access to the grove
  25. St Charles County Veterans Vietnam, Persian Gulf Memorial
  26. Water reclamation area, grass to mulch
  27. Shed / storage building project
  28. Doggie clean up stations
  29. Outdoor brochure holder, donations box
  30. Memory garden by war
  31. Purple Martins’ condo
  32. Cedar natural fence along fence line
  33. St Charles County shape map on parking lot with star highlights of historic events
  34. Small commemorative planters for various locations on the parking area
  35. Timber steps from sidewalk to Seabee Tribute Bridge
  36. Irrigation system to flower beds
  37. Paint the parking curbs red, white, blue
  38. Paint Purple Heart spot
  39. Recycling information center
  40. Adopt a Street sign
  41. Owl house
  42. Memorial tree planting area sign and designated tree location with marker
  43. Thank a veteran outdoor covered sign / note area at entrance leave personalized messages
  44. Build a Veterans favorites cookbook (Greg’s chili etc.) to sell in gift-shop
  45. Military stick your head through boards
  46. Girls are veterans too! stick your head through board
  47. Birds of Missouri outdoor education sign
  48. Build a thank you veteran display (between doors) where visitors can write a short note and we periodically send them to soldiers overseas.
  49. Build a “Leave a Thank You Note” for our Veteran Visitors
  50. Design a Veteran coloring book for sale in the gift shop
  51. Carve from wood, “Every Veteran Has a Story” Dog Tag Oversized
  52. Women who serve memorial on grounds names and select stories
  53. Girl power, girls rock signs / women officers / soldiers
  54. Build a guess the veteran display. Have civilians’ men and women and flip open the door to see if they served. Need picture of civilian attire and uniform
  55. Bat Houses (mosquito control)
  56. Veterans cookbook retold told by girl scouts / boy scouts

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