On a mission

Ralph Barrale had a vision of a museum for those who served from St. Charles County. Others saw that vision and joined in Barrale’s mission. Since that beginning we have collected donations, acquired a building for the museum, and have begun working towards an opening in the Spring of 2019.

Our Mission Statement: Inspiring, informing, and engaging the residents of St. Charles County to honor the memories of County Veterans who served the United States of America with patriotic valor.

Now our work has begun. We are looking for Veterans families who have a story. Stories that can be shared through a uniform, photos, medals or other military or wartimeMuseum Artwork from the broadcast memorabilia. Items that bring those stories to life. Stories of a Veterans life and his service to our country.

We are also looking for volunteers to help with our mission. Those who are interested in joining our ranks and getting involved are greatly appreciated!

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Museum annex 1


What do I do?

It goes without question that virtually every home in St. Charles County has some type of Armed Forces memorabilia that was brought home by a family member. There are families who proudly display some of these items in their homes. However, we have learned from experience that most families who have memorabilia from a grandfather, a father, an aunt or uncle, a brother or sister, or their own personal remnants of their service, that these items are stored away in a basement or storage unit with the concern, “what do I do with these items? – I can’t throw them away and I wish that I could do something with them.

This dilemma is exactly why the St. Charles County Veterans Museum was established…to Museum Don Elliotgather and proudly display the memorabilia of St. Charles County veterans in a museum close to their homes and to offer the opportunity for family, friends, students and all residents to see these items and learn the stories of the men and women who brought them home from their service to our country.

We are already achieving success in gathering memorabilia, as families are honored that that their loved ones will be remembered for their heroism and duty to country while in the United States Armed Forces…Here are a few examples of what we are receiving…and there are many more coming in to us.


Museum Jan Myers 4

Museum Artwork from the broadcast

St. Charles County Veterans Museum is set to open in the Spring of 2019

Museum Annex 2



For the Museum

Every one of us has a family member, a friend, a loved one who served 29791360_412449729226541_5748391773025037037_nin the military and many of us have memorabilia from their service to our country. We are not certain what to do with it…”We can’t throw it away but what do we do with it?”

The St. Charles County Veterans Commission Committee  will open the SAINT CHARLES COUNTY VETERANS MUSEUM IN THE SPRING OF 2019. If you would like to discuss how your family can be part of this please contact us. If you are interested in helping our museum with some cherished memorabilia or  memories of a St. Charles County Veteran, please contact Jim Frain at jimfrain@aol.com or text 314-780-1811. Our Acquisitions Committee will get back to you quickly. Thank you!

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Resolution signed

O’Fallon Mayor Bill Hennessy and St. Charles County Veterans Museum Committee Chair Ralph Barrale shake hands on the new Veterans museum.

A True Milestone

On Thursday, March 22nd at the O’Fallon City Council Meeting…The lease for the St. Charles County Veterans Museum on 410 Elm Street in O’Fallon, Missouri is signed and the Resolution for our building and the museum passed with a 10 – 0 Unanimous Vote by the O’FALLON City Council ..The Veterans of St. Charles County will be honored in a very positive way when the museum opens in Spring of 2019…

Jim and them
L-R Ralph Barrale, Jim Frain, Mayor Bill Hennessy, Rose Barrale

From St. Charles County Veterans Museum Committee Vice Chairman Jim Frain…

There are always those special moments in life that you will never forget….The Resolution Approval for the St. Charles County Veterans Museum with Ralph and Rose Barrale and Mayor Bill Hennessy was one of those moments. It was 6 years ago that Ralph said to me, “Jim, if I was 25 years younger I would have a dream come true to create the St. Charles County Veterans Museum.” I responded, “Well Ralph, I am 25 years younger than you. Let’s give it a shot.” We did. It worked…Now, the real work begins to put together a special museum recognizing the Veterans of St. Charles County…If you wish to meet and discuss the possibility of donating memorabilia from your St. Charles County Family along with creating a wonderful tribute to your special veteran please text Jim Frain at 314-780-1811

O’Fallon Mayor Bill Hennessy signs lease with St. Charles County Veterans Museum Committee for building. L-R Dorris Keeven-Franke, Ralph Barrale, Jim Frain, Rose Barrale, Ralph Barrale, Bill Hennessy, Jim Higgins